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Deaf Equity: Who We Are

Deaf Equity is a Minnesota based non-profit organization that serves the Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing community. We are a volunteer based organization. We work in the community, partner with organizations, train volunteers and accept projects that fit our core values.  How are we unique?  We believe in YOU!  We believe in partnerships.  We work on the small things.

Deaf Equity board members sit around table in discussion

We work  on projects that will grow the community, have a greater impact and influence and do good in the community. We see the bigger picture, an infrastructure of people who just need someone or an organization to have their back. It probably sounds impossible. It is not, do you know why? We have amazing volunteers giving back to our community one person, one organization at a time. 

If this is your type of organization, please support us!

Meet The Team

woman smiling in glasses with blazer on



Board Member

close up of woman in glasses smiling

Migdalia Rogers

Board Member

man with goatee smiling

John Fechter

Board Member


Kristine Foreman

Board Member

A message from our board member, Migdalia Rogers. 

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